About Me


About Doreen Chee


Hi, I'm
Doreen Chee
web designer, developer, entreprenuer, crafter

I do web designing and development, using CMS. Just love this work, and frequently forgets about time once immersed in it. I just love creating and making things.

When I'm not in front of my computer and laptop, I'm playing with my 2 beautiful children, or cooking, or cycling, or reading or trying to stick to my exercise routine, or going to the library, or watching TV, or trying to cut down on coffee, or ...

What I can do for you:

Help set up strategic websites that is targeted to achieve your online goals, in measurable terms and timeframe. Be it generating more prospect leads, adding new customers while retaining current ones, building an online presence that helps bring in more members, or generate product awareness, etc.

Got any questions? doreen [at] webdesignerdc [dot] com (Ask me anytime here.)